The Ellus Brand Group represents approximately 30% of the total of Inbrands revenues forecasted in R$,00 for 2013.


Joe Lago was responsible for the wholesale division, that generates over 85% of total revenue and 100% of overall EBITIDA, of the Ellus Brands, Ellus Jeans Deluxe, Ellus Accessories and Ellus Second Floor. The division administrates the following channels / functions:

Channel: More than 1700 Multi-Brands Stores, and more than 30 Mono-Brand Franchised Stores.


Functions: Wholesale, Product and Distribution Licensing and Trade Marketing.


Joe Lago originated EMSP – Ellus Multibrand Special Program - which integrated the wholesale and retail of the company using a new corporate media solution. Ellus Social Community was a tool created to promote good and close communication between workers inside the company, since their highest level to all salesman from Ellus retail in whole Brazil. EMSP improved all communication channels putting them together into one single intelligent and efficient system, generating news, marketing and media content as well as reducing the company costs. 


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Bell Canada



Joe Lago was hired to assest International Bell Canada in the strategic evaluation of a TST telecommunication company.  


Consulting realization to diagnose the TST/Teleminio company (acting in the segment of telephony services delivery attending more then 1.100 buildings and 75.000 clients), acquired by International Bell Canada.


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