Neo Infotec 



Neo Infotec was an international long distance telephony services and an internet service provider ahead of its time in 1993.


The company was conceived and implemented to provide alternative access to international long distance voice network. Resulted in revenues from zero to US$ 6.0 million per year in five years, serving 900 corporate clients, basically between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Merged the company in 1995, becoming Neo Infotec,


By 1998, Neo Infotec was responsible for 2% of the outbound international telephony traffic in Brazil.


The company was a pioneer in the conceptualization and operation of the long distance telephone service resale business.


Incorp was responsible for the conceptualization, business development, implementation, operation management, merger, competitor buy out and sell out.




Planetsat was a wireless broadband internet service provider created in 1998 .


Incorp conceived and developed a project for the implementation of the first national wireless broadband network, to provide high speed Internet services, using a point-multipoint network in the 3,5 GHZ and 10,5 GHZ spectrum, comprising the top 100 Brazilian markets.


The primary objective was to provide high speed Internet services, allowing voice, data and video traffic to corporate consumers, with a complementary offer of electronic commerce, with a selection of information, services, products and distance learning programs.


We were responsible for the alignment of the resources, including the selection, negotiation and contracting with an international strategic partner (Group Union Fenosa - Spain) with assets in excess to US$ 10 billion and Turn Over around US$ 5 billion, supplementing the project with institutional credibility, operating experience and economic capability.




Mundo-e operated in the consulting and corporate services area, focus in providing Information Technology services. incorp was in charge of the planning and Start-Up of the company, developing a new business format in the Information Technology market.


We negotiated and contracted services with vendors in the industry.


Experience in the project development around US$ 3 million, with main emphasis in the implementation of a business service provider with the objective of providing high performance internet (voice, data and video) and other products and services related to business needs.


Mundo-e was a project development for companies with the objective to update and optimize its productivity, especially in relation to the process of acquisition and implementation of information technology services.

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